Supercharge business with Email Marketing

Boost conversions, engage users, and retain customers with powerful, self-service analytics.

Why Email Marketing?

Boost conversions, engage users, and retain customers with powerful, self-service analytics.

Boost Customer Engagement

Connect directly with your audience, nurturing relationships and keeping them informed

Drive Sales Efficiently

Promote products, offer deals, and guide customers to purchase, maximizing your revenue.


Reach more for less, optimizing your budget while still achieving impactful results.

Track and Optimize Performance

Measure success easily, tweaking your strategy for even better outcomes.

Tier Packages

Flexible email marketing plans for any teams and needs

Basic Package

Send 1 email per month

$500 /mo


  • Monthly strategy meeting for goal and message alignment.
  • 1 costumed email, engaging content.
  • Basic list segmentation and maintenance.
  • Scheduling and sending 1 email with simple personalization.
  • Basic report on key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Use Mailchimp

Standard Package

Send 2 emails per month

$750 /mo


  • Initial consult and monthly strategy sessions.
  • 2 costumed email, engaging content.
  • Advanced segmentation & personalizations.
  • A/B testing / 1 campaign / month to optimise performance.
  • Detailed analytics with actionable recommendations.
  • Use Mailchimp

Premium Package

Send 4 emails per month

$1,250 /mo


  • Bi-monthly reviews for thorough strategy planning
  • 4 costumed emails, engaging content tailored to various segments.
  • Enhanced list management with dynamic content personalization.
  • A/B testing / 2 campaigns / month to optimise performance.
  • Detailed analytics report focusing on conversion optimization and ROI.
  • Use Mailchimp


From start to finish, our process ensures email marketing success.

Initial Consult

Get a personalized consultation to align strategies with your goals.


Seal the deal swiftly and seamlessly to get started.


Craft a clear roadmap for your email marketing success.

Customize Emails

Personalize each email to engage your audience effectively.

Sending Out

Launch your campaign promptly to reach your audience when it matters

Report & Analytic

Analyze campaign performance for informed decision-making.

Our Tools

Empower your email marketing with our powerful tools.