How to Choose the right video type for your next campaign?

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November 15, 2022

It makes no difference whether one strategy is right or wrong in this case. But when choosing what sort of content to create, video should be at the top of your list.

Why people need to use video?

If you’re still wondering if video is worth the trouble, I hope we can convince you to start. First, realise that people want to watch videos.

On YouTube alone, only educational and learning video generates more than a billion view several day. According to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey, 68% of respondents stated they would be interested in learning more about a new good or service by watching a quick video.

Videos are significantly more favoured for learning information than static ads (30%), infographics (15%), presentations (15%), ebooks (3%) and manuals (3%) are, according to study.

Why the type of video is important?

Videos should be used, but how you use them will define how distinctive your content strategy is.

You may start by building brand credibility with videos. In actuality, 57% of consumers said that seeing videos supplied them the assurance they required to make an online purchase. Adding videos can increase conversion rates on landing pages by as much as 80%.

You must comprehend the variations between the numerous forms of marketing videos and the phases where they function finest in order for advantages like those to come into action. Also keep in mind that since your video will be quite visible as part of your marketing plan, you need to ensure that it is of high quality. Otherwise, you run the chance of misinforming audiences, which won’t exactly get you where you need to be!

How to select your videos types?

To develop a fruitful social media video marketing plan, follow to our 6-step process.

Find out where your target audience spends their time after selecting them

Stakeholders should be contacted to establish a plan for the video.

For your video, decide on a schedule and a budget.

Select the ideal distribution channel for your video.

Create messaging for your characters and select the appropriate video types.

Select the parameters you wish to monitor and decide how you will evaluate your success.

Types of video, use case scenario

It’s time to look at some different types of videos so that you can match them to your unique marketing needs now that you are aware of the potential of video content!

1. Explainer Videos

They are brief marketing videos that highlight a business’s offering, message, or both.Explainers are among the most effective tools available to marketers at the moment since theyare straightforward, effective, informative, and engaging.

Komuso Design | Explainer Video

2. How-To Videos

First, decide on an objective. Step two is to list each step that will guide your audience toward achieving that objective in a numbered list. Create a video about it as the third step. You have it now! A tutorial video!

With this kind of marketing film, your message will centre on the specific goal of your target audience and how to accomplish it through a detailed explanation. Marketing professionals frequently categorise how-to films individually even if they also fall under the umbrella of instructive videos.

How to sew a cushion cover | How to Video

3. Educational Videos

The purpose of educational videos is to inform viewers, but they must do it in a captivating and engaging manner! To capture the viewer’s interest, they employ certain narrative tools (such as captivating graphics and a clever script) and pair them with relevant, engaging themes for their target demographic.

If these videos are used by a brand effectively, their audience will start to regard them as experts in their field, which will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of brand trust.

What is Inbound Marketing | Educational Video

4. Testimonial Videos

Customer endorsements take an online review’s influence and give it a whole new meaning.

Here, you ask individuals (previous clients) to speak in front of the camera about their open interactions with your company. One of the quickest, simplest, and least expensive videos to make is this one. It’s also one of the most effective because a happy customer is the best possible salesperson for your business. Since it’s impossible to verify the veracity of written customer reviews posted online, many buyers don’t believe them. A video, though, is more persuasive.

Nothing persuades potential clients more than the feedback from others who are similar to them.

Phelps Agency | Testimonial Video

Final Thoughts.

Are you ready to get started producing videos? It makes sense to collaborate with a seasoned animation firm with knowledge of diverse sectors. If you’re interested in learning more about the projects we’ve completed in the past and how Filament can assist your company in creating a top-notch video, get in touch with us right away.