Zenyum Smile More Campaign

Zenyum Smile More Campaign - 1 month campaign with a key main message as “Perfect smiles without worries”.




Product Design


Brand Guidelines

About the project

The Brief

Zenyum is a Smile Cosmetics startup that aims to make invisible braces more accessible in Asia. Zenyum uses 3D scans, CAD software, and 3D-printing to customise our transparent braces. 
  • Most of Zenyum’s product education were delivered in functional way & quite mainstream.
  • They want to create social hook to emphasize our local brand positioning at year end period & trigger customer’s need. 

The Solution

After researching on Zenyum, we have come up with a creative idea for the 1 month campaign with a key main message as “Perfect smiles without worries”. This campaign consists on 1 full video production and 1 month social media plan to support this campaign via Zenyum’s social media platforms. The campaign aim to 

  • Refresh the brand approach and deliver Zenyum’s features in a trendy way
  • Communicate the localised positioning for Vietnamese
  • Clarify Zenyum’s brand pronunciation

Video production: Creating 3 main characters to build a connection between viewers. This helps us to deliver the key messages in a way they resonates with them. We will follow these characters along the journey of smiling more. These characters are based on Zenyum’s main target audience of Young, ambitious people. 

Social media: Base on main video, we have developed a detailed social media plan with 4 different content pillars: Video inspiration, Occasions, Engagement and Promotion. The campaign has been successfully reached >100k of views with multiple engagements through social media posts. 

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